Saturday, May 30, 2009

portfolio '10

so i have been traveled in Taiwan for 3 weeks. in these 3 weeks, i was thinking what i really care for. i noticed what make people happy is "the moment". it sounds cheesy, but it's truth. if my design/art can change a moment of someone life, i will be pleased.

People may forget lots of things in life, but when you see certain things, that brings back the memory right away. i want to leave something behind when i am gone, so does most people.

this is still very general, but i want to create something that can make people experience a journey or can remember the moment. something interactive.

people tend to remember bad comments more than good comments, and a bad word could ruining every good thing about a piece of work or person. i was wondering, what if there is no bad moment, how could i appreciate the good moment? what if i can make every bad moment into something good? can't we only remember the good things? then i can change negative thing into a positive one.

or maybe i can "save" the moments; either good or bad. isn't art is all about catching the moment? or change something?

to be continued...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

portfolio cover


Monday, April 13, 2009

info graphy

color variations. any suggestion?
first one is the original colors, and i played around it in photoshop.

this is based on my money spent in 1 month. so i separated them into 6 different categories, and color code each category.


please help me choose one.
i am doing this info-graphy, the theme is a little vintage (70s).
so i use herb lubalin for inspiration.